Carefully read the steps below to start volunteering with us. We are here to help you go through the process! If there are any questions or concerns, please email us or visit us during our office hours.

After completion of the third step, you will be emailed your program placement and you will become an official volunteer with us!


Prospective volunteers must fill out a volunteer application. You may do this online. For convenience, volunteer applications will be provided during orientation. To save yourself time, it is recommended that you fill out the online application form before orientation.

Our application form can be found here.


Attend an orientation session to learn more about our organization and the programs offered. We also conduct a short interview for each prospective volunteer and decide if you’re the right fit for our campus group. 

Frontier College screens all volunteers before allowing them to start tutoring in our programs.

Before orientation, please bring:

  • two pieces of ID: one with your full name, date of birth, signature and photo AND one with just your full name (ex. your t-card)

  • references (at least TWO) that we can contact via phone. Provide their names, phone numbers, and email addresses. One MUST be a professional reference. We prefer that these references be in Canada or in the United States.

During orientation, you will be:

  • Interviewed by us (usually 10 to 15 minutes)

    • This can be done right after an in-person orientation and/or tutor training session. Otherwise, arrange for an in-person interview via email.

  • Filling out a police check and VSS (Vulnerable Sector Search)

    • Alternatively, if you have a police check with VSS that is less than 6 months old, provide us with a copy of that police check.

For the Fall semester, our orientation dates will occur in late September or early October. After that, we will be running our second round of orientation dates for the Winter semester. Please check on our events tab to view upcoming dates for orientation.

If you are unable to make any of the orientation dates listed in our events tab, please contact us.


You must attend a mandatory training session. In conjunction with the training session, you must also complete the following five modules:

– Module #1 – Introduction to Frontier College (12:43)
– Module #2 – Learners, Learning Styles and AODA (9:28)
– Module #3 – The School Experience: Reading and Writing (6:59)
– Module #4 – The School Experience: Numeracy (12:34)
– Module #5 – Tutoring Strategies and Approaches (6:39)

Followed by:

For the Fall semester, the training sessions will be offered in early October.