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If you enjoy volunteering with Frontier College, and would love to contribute even more to the Scarborough community, then applying to be on the OT will be an excellent leadership and learning opportunity for you!

UTSC students, faculty, and alumni are welcome to apply! We are currently hiring new program managers, finance coordinator(s), and a marketing director. 


  • (For PM's): Must have a minimum of one semester’s volunteer experience with FC @ U of T Scarborough, with at least 80% attendance, and have shown leadership potential
  • Must have successfully completed the OT application process, including but not limited to submitting a written application, and undergoing an interview process by the selection committee
  • Must agree to undertake a commitment of at least one year.

General Duties of an OT Member

  1. 3 - 10 hours of commitment per week which may vary week-to-week and according to position. It is important to note that this will fluctuate throughout the year based on the on-goings within the OT.
  2. Attend mandatory biweekly meetings that last approximately 1-2 hours.
  3. Hold mandatory office hours between Monday and Thursday, 11am - 5pm (2 hours/wk).
  4. Maintain clear and constant communication with other OT members which can and will include holiday breaks and reading week.
  5. Submit a written annual report to the Coordinating Chair / Community Coordinator
  6. Abide by the University of Toronto’s rules and regulations for student clubs and societies as stated in the Handbook For Student Organizations.

If you meet the above requirements, you may click the button below to start your application. If you have any further questions in regards to criteria and general duties, please email Steffi Marcos.