We hope to build a vibrant community of volunteers at University of Toronto Scarborough. If you are interested in international development, teaching, social work, student development, leadership, or are simply looking for a low-key and meaningful way to contribute to your local community, volunteering with Frontier College could be just for you. 


Why Join?

Being a volunteer mentor is a very rewarding experience. You spend time working with learners who are may be in vulnerable situations or need some extra help. This time you spend helping, guiding, mentoring, teaching, and playing is valuable to the learners you work with and so is often a very fulfilling experience.

It’s a great chance to develop skills that are transferable to many other volunteering and work positions such as problem solving, preparing lessons with your Program Manager, and much more.

Orientation day to volunteer for the Fall 2019 semester is: September 19, 2019 from 6 PM - 8 PM.  

Room: SL232 (Second floor of the Student Centre.)