The Volunteer of the Month program was created to recognize exceptional volunteers that have contributed significantly to our program.

We have many, many nominations for Volunteer of the Month. It's always hard to pick! We would like to give kudos to every volunteer who has worked with us. 

We truly appreciate all of you. Thank you for all your hard work.

October 2017
madeline lai

"Madeline has always put in 120% ever since she first started. Before we even arrived to programming, she would come to the office to help out with any of the activities we were preparing and brought in any extra materials we needed. 

At program, Madeline is extra attentive to all of the kid's individual needs. She knows how to help the children in fun and stimulating manner. These are only a few examples of Madeline's contributions to our team that highlight why she is a perfect fit for volunteer of the month" 

- Tenzing Rongtsang, PM of Alexander Stirling

november 2017
Kimberly Torio

"Despite being in her first year and dealing with the ongoing stress that comes with transitioning from high school to university, Kim has time and time again given Dr. Roz her full commitment and enthusiasm in each visit. Kim's energy and humor allows her students to have fun and at the same time amuses her fellow volunteers. Her dedication in ensuring that each child has fun while they study has proven to be beneficial and make the learning process that much more fun!"

- Freshtah Akbari, PM of Dr. Roz's

December 2017
Monica Santos

"Congratulations to Monica for being selected as volunteer of the month for December 2017! Since the beginning, she has been a dependable, kind and helpful volunteer. We decided to begin our program earlier this year and she has shown me such great enthusiasm and patience throughout, especially during the first few weeks when it was just the two of us. I thank her for always taking initiative during those moments when things got a little bit chaotic. Monica isn't afraid to be assertive with the learners, but she still knows when they need her to be sympathetic. Reflecting back on these few months, the learners at Mornelle Court have definitely grown to love her. You have been such a great asset to Frontier College. I know you will continue to be an important part of our team."

- Leslie Ibon, PM of Mornelle Court