Frontier College is a Canada-wide, volunteer-based literacy organization that runs programs in local communities across Canada to teach people to read and write while also creating a favourable environment that encourages lifelong learning. 

Since 1899, Frontier College volunteers have been reaching out to people wherever they are and responding to their particular learning needs.


What do we do in scarborough?

Frontier College at UTSC is run by an Organizing Team of UTSC undergraduate students who are passionate about education, literacy, teaching, and having fun. We run seven programs around Scarborough with elementary and middle school aged children that promote literacy education within vulnerable communities. We host our programs in classrooms and after school as well as in co-op housing and also women’s shelters.

We are committed to working in communities that are marginalized and isolated by poverty and injustice. It is our vision to contribute towards the creation of a just and equitable society by challenging all forms of oppression.

85% of students improved their personal strengths such as classroom behaviour, coping skills, creativity, and community engagement after attending a Frontier College program.